About Us

Chorus+Echo is a community created for inquisitive individuals to peer beneath the facade of a city and into the hearts and minds of the inhabitants from around the world. The project was initiated by co-creation consultancy Sense Worldwide as a means to connect with interesting individuals around the globe and learn about the world through their eyes.

Initially launching in 20 global cities, Chorus+Echo aims to be a definitive resource for intelligent and creative individuals to connect with other likeminded individuals globally to get the insider’s view on the things that shape the way we experience life.

Chorus+Echo is curated by Jean-Robert Saintil who, in his past life has been a publisher, art director, DJ, promoter and magazine editor. With the teams combined expertise, their goal is to create an enlightened community that engages the inquisitive and brings together all their favourite people around the world, both as contributors and readers.