Make It Happen. CitIzen Design Action Makes Waves In Copenhagen.


After putting up her own test tubes, Sandra Hoj of Classic Copenhagen's urban hack has been taken up by the Copenhagen council proving citizens can change the face of their cities. 
The solution?

If you are really exhausted with the Test Tubes, I suggest you skip this post, because I have some big news: Monday the second edition hit the streets of Copenhagen. For those of you unfamiliar with the the Test Tubes, here is a recap, including the recent development: We have a big coffee cup litter problem in targeted areas of Copenhagen. I live in one of those areas, and was getting really tired of the mess. Mostly the cups would get dumped next to the trashcans, as they were already full with other cups, taking up space that should be used for sticky stuff and smaller litter. In an attempt to solve the problem, I came up with a tube bolted to the trashcan, suggesting removing the lids and stacking the cups. 

How it all began, back in March: The tube is attached to the trashcan at the top with a single bolt. The stick in the bottom keeps them in, and for emptying you just pull it out, and flip the tube. Slide the cups out, reposition the tube and plug the pin back in. Easy. And people got it right away. The tubes stayed up for a week, before being removed by the city. My countless emails were not answered. Nevertheless I planned to follow up with a sturdier version, but it moved to my procrastinating pile for a while, until the media around the world picked up on them. The Copenhagen Post, a newspaper in English, even came up with the title Rubbish Vigilante. Haha, that's me. Finally, the city of Copenhagen got in touch, saying they would like to hear more about the project. We met and decided to do a test run with sixteen tubes in aluminum, looking like a really sexy version of the humble cardboard tube. Hello. I was in charge of decorating them, and the paint dried just in time to get them up on my birthday.  

July 16, mounting day. In a way we now share a birthday. I tell you it was a happy one! Tadaaaa: Tomme kopper - låg / Empty cups - lids Twelve of them have the message in writing (empty cups minus lids), and four have the pictogram. Already I can tell it should have been the other way around, the easy read is by far the winner! The tubes will stay up until October, and if they turn out to work, it is safe to say you can expect more Test Tube spam. 
Test tubes v 0.2
They are scattered around Nørrebro (Sankt Hans Torv, Elmegade, Ravnsborggade, Nørrebrogade and Fælledvej), with a heavy presence at Queen Louises Bridge, where most of the cup litter action takes place. It has pretty much been raining ever since, not attracting the coffee cup crowd, but even so the tubes were already in use the next day. July 17. And today one was half full. It makes me so happy, I can't even begin to describe it. July 19 (yes: boots, Danish summer 2012). From the very start you have been so supportive, if it were not for you and the amazing internet, this might never have happened. Thank you so much for keeping me going, and for sticking it out with me. ♥ 
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